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    I’m watching Kelly Clarkson’s Cautionary Christmas Music Tale

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lollllll i cant take it

    I’m watching Ravenswood

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The 43 Worst Things About Wearing Glasses

Foggy Glasses….. the worst!!!! 

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Never on tumblr anymore. I miss it. So many things are changing in my life. I’m still trying to wrap my head around them and get used to everything. I wish I wasnt so sensitive sometimes and im really hoping I’m prepared for the future. I just want everything to work out and my life to be on a right path.


Anberlin Acoustic Tour Teaser

Watch this to see what to expect this Saturday, July 13th when Anberlin comes to the State Theatre with Aaron Marsh of Copeland & Polyenso.

Come & give them some hometown love!!!

Tickets are still available but are selling fast!! Get them via Daddy Kool Records, DaddyKool.com, & Ticketmaster!

CANT WAIT FOR THIS TOMORRRRROWWWW!!!!!!!!  :D i love anberlin

    I’m watching Dexter

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    I’m watching True Blood


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The King in the North!

so damn sad :[

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its life and death, we wont last, until were death and bones

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hahaha :D i love owens face

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